Served with pita bread



Chickpeas mashed with tahini and lemon juice, topped with lemon juice and olive oil and served with pita bread. 400 Calories

Baba Ghanouj


Finely chopped charbroiled eggplant mixed with tahini, yogurt, garlic, lemon and olive oil, served with pita bread. 389 Calories

Eggplant Salad


Fine-roasted​ eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic topped with lemon juice and olie ​oil. Served with Pita. 415 calories

Stuffed Grape Leaves


Grape leaves stuffed with Egyptian rice, tomatoes, onions, herbs, and spices cooked in olive oil and lemon juice. 420 calories

Falafel with Hummus


5 pieces of falafel served with our homemade hummus and served with pita bread. 681 calories

Mixed Appetizer


Hummus, baba ghanouj, eggplant salad, and two grape leaves.
655 Calories


Served with pita bread
Add gyro meat, shawarma, or grilled chicken - $3.00

Greek Salad


Crisp romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, and kalamato olives tossed in classic Greek dressing and topped with feta cheese. 423 Calories

Chop Salad


Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and cilantro topped with feta cheese. 384 Calories



A delicious blend of romaine, tomatoes, and cucumbers with our special herbs, olive oil/lemon vinaigrette and crispy fried pita chips. 450 Calories


Served with 2 sides - Basmati seasoned rice (180 calories), grilled veggies (80 calories), French fries (430 calories), or chopped salad (70 calories)

Lunch (ends at 3 pm) - 1 skewer Dinner - 2 skewers

Gyro Plate

$13 Dinner/ $8 Lunch

Generous cuts of seasoned rotisserie-cooked lamb/beef gyro meat.
622 Calories

Chicken Shawarma

$13 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Cuts of specially seasoned and marinated, homemade rotisserie-cooked
chicken. 517 Calories

Chicken Kabob

$14 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Skewers of chicken made with our special spices and chargrilled to
perfection. 388 Calories

Shish Tawook

$14 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Skewers of dark meat chicken specially seasoned and marinated with a
mild spicy kick and chargrilled. 425 Calories

Kafta Kabob

$15 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Skewers of feshly-minced beef and lamb blended with finely-chopped
parsley, onion, and spices, chargrilled. 390 Calories

Beef Kabob

$15 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Skewers of marinated and well-seasoned tender beef tips, chargrilled. 436 Calories

Lamb Kabob

$15 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Skewers of chargrilled lamb with garlic, olive oil, and herbs seasoning. 534 Calories

Shrimp Kabob

$14 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Jumbo shrimps on skewers, chargrilled and topped with rich garlic and
lemon sauce. 460 Calories

Mediterranean Chicken

$14 Dinner / $8 Lunch

Whole, dark meat chicken thigh with tangy seasoning, chargrilled to
perfection. 475 Calories

Mixed Grill


A feast of perfectly chargrilled, seasoned kabobs-Choice of 3.
602 Calories

You Pick Two

Your choice of any two meats.


Served all day • Served with pita bread

Falafel Plate


Fried, delicate balls of ground chickpeas mixed with coriander, garlic, onions and spices. Comes with salad, hummus, pita bread and tahini sauce. 780 Calories

Veggie Plate


Falafel, hummus, baba ghanouj, stuffed leaves, and eggplant salad. Comes with house salad. 810 Calories

FuOl Medames


Fava beans topped with lemon sauce, tomato, and tahini sauce, served with pita bread and side salad. 582 Calories


Combo includes fries or salad + drink

Gyro Sandwich

$7.00 / $9.29

593 Calories

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

$7.00 / $9.29

416 Calories

Shish Tawook Sandwich

$7.00 / $9.29

373 Calories

Falafel Sandwich

$7.00 / $9.29

366 Calories

Chicken Kabob

$7.00 / $9.29

354 Calories

Kafta Kabob

$7.00 / $9.29

355 Calories

Shrimp Kabob

$7.00 / $9.29

390 Calories

KIDS MENU - Ages 12 & Under


Served with one side (rice, salad, grilled veggies or fries) and drink

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